Cover Design

Here’s a slide show of book covers I’ve designed for my publishing imprints Better Days Books, eSaint Library, and NuEvan Press , so you can judge my cover design talents for yourself:

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If you just need a great eBook cover, the price is $50 USD.

If you are publishing a paperback through CreateSpace, Lulu, or another online independent publishing service, I will create both front and back covers to your specifications for $100 USD. That price includes front and back paperback covers, and your matching eBook cover.

If your are also publishing in audiobook format and need a cover, pick your plan:

  • Audiobook cover only – $50 USD
  • eBook and Audiobook cover – $75 USD
  • Front and back paperback covers, eBook cover and Audiobook cover – $125 USD


If you have photographs or other images that you control the copyright to that you would like incorporated into your book cover, just email them to me, and I will make that happen. If you know of public domain images on the Internet that you would like used, just send me a link and I’ll go grab a copy. Or you can just describe your vision to me in words, and trust me to select the visuals.

A happy note on public domain images. As a Catholic author, you have literally two millennia of great Catholic religious art available for use in your book cover design, without any copyright restrictions whatsoever. And most of that artwork can be found online. Any artwork created prior to 1923, which includes most religious art created throughout the ages, is automatically in the public domain worldwide. Wikimedia Commons has established that any true representation of a public domain work, such as a photograph or scan, is legally in the public domain as well, no matter when it was produced. This would not include images where someone has creatively altered a public domain work or moshed several such works together to creative effect. That sort of thing is eligible for its own original copyright. But, rest assured, the Internet is overflowing with copyright-free true representations of great religious art you can use without asking anyone’s permission or paying any royalties. As you surf the web, just remember to ask yourself those two questions: 1) was the original artwork produced prior to 1923?, and 2) is the image you’re looking at on the web a true representation of the work, as opposed to an artistic reinterpretation? If we are working together on a cover design for your book, I will be happy to offer my opinion regarding the public domain status of specific images you find online.

Hiring and Paying Me

Use the email form on the contact page to let me know you are interested in working with me. I will email back from my actual email address within 24 hours, and we’ll get the ball rolling. I accept payment through PayPal.